Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nikolajs Confirmation

We had the most wonderful day! Everything was perfect - the sun was shining, the guests enjoyed the party and Nikolaj had a wonderful time!
My son Nikolaj is having his confirmation this Saturdag 9 May 2009.
This card is for Nikolaj from mum and dad :-)
May is peak season for confirmations in Denmark. For Nikolaj to remeber this special day I want him to have an album where he can collect all his memories of this day. I asked my friend Pia to make a frontpage decor for this album and she did a fantastic job! Follow the link and have a look for your self!


pia said...

Sanne, this is so cute! Nikolaj will love it! I just made our card for Nikolaj today (no sneek peak!). I am looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Diana said...


Jenn Biederman said...

Love this, Sanne!! Such a special time to celebrate...hope it was a wonderful day for you & Nikolaj!