Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just want to share this photo with you taken on my balcony. We had an awfull lot of rain this morning and suddenly the sun shined again - it was just so beautiful with the raindrops on the leaves :0)


Kelly Booth said...

Sanne your dog is sooooo CUTE!!!
and Hydrangeas are my Favorite flowers...just LOVE them!!
I just found out you have a blog.....
Have a great day!!

Jacqueline said...

I too love nature and love the color of your Hortensia (that is the French word). I have a pink one of these and the flowers are drying up already - I leave them on the bush as they remain decorative for such a long time.
Thanks for your well wishes on Flickr - see you when I get back on the blog and in the pool!!