Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer holiday in Sweden

My family and I have been on holiday in Sweden for 3 weeks! Fare away from my computer and the Internet and with no crafting and stamping at all!! Am I looking forward to be crafting again? You bet! 4 years ago we bought a fantastic piece of land in Småland. It is such a joy to stay there - peacefully and quiet. We have this lovely, tiny little cottage with no running water up there just now. My husband and I are building a new house just upposite the cottage. Friends and family are comming every summer to give us a hand with this project. This year my dear sister and her family stayed for a week to give us a hand and my dearest friend Pia visited for 4 days with her husband, too. We enjoy to get visits up there. Pia and her husband camped outside the cottage and they enjoyed the primitive life style up there just as much as we do. Pia, Jan and I picked the most lovely cherries and raspberries and made jam out of it - MUMS!
Hope I´ll have time for stamping tomorrow! Have a lot of new stamps and supplies that I didn´t get a chance to use before I left for Sweden. Just can´t wait!


Helle Sahl said...

Ej, hvor ser det dejligt ud og sikke et super projekt. Det er jeg nød til at vise min mand og svigerfar.

Glæder mig til at se hvad du får lavet med dine nye sager.

Jacqueline said...

Welcome home! Just last week it dawned on me that you would be away on holiday - so glad you had a wonderful time!