Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonderful Christmas Cards

Jette / Denmark

One of the reasons why I love crafting so much is all the lovely friends you get to know from all over the world. I were so lucky to receive the most gorgeous hand made christmas cards from many of my blog- and Flickr friends - thank you so much!
Take a look at all these beautiful creations..............
Pia / Denmark

Helle / Denmark
Karina / Denmark

Sally / England

Dawn / New Zealand

Vanessa / Germany

Heidi / Denmark

Jacqueline / France

Alice / CA The United States

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Hugs Sanne
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Brenda said...

You are one lucky lady Sanne, these are truly beautiful!

AnitaRex said...

You are lucky they are all so beautiful! :>

Karina Beck said...

Flotte kort, du har modtaget. Det er fantastisk at modtage personlige kort. Og selv tak ; )

Tiffany said...

All of them are so beautiful! Thankful for crafty friends indeed!

Grete said...

Det er nogle utrolig flotte kort du har modtaget, desværre er jeg bedre til at lave kort en jeg er til at skrive/sende kort, så kan man jo heller ikke forvente at modtage så mange :-D

mette wad said...

Hold da op en masse flotte kort du har modtaget, det må virkelig være en fornøjelse at åbne hver og et:-)

Rigtig godt nytår til dig og din familie:-)

Dawn said...

just gorgeous. I too got some beautiful handmade cards from friends here in NZ and from overseas. Truly makes you appreciate the wonderful people we "meet" on this medium.

Jette / ma11edina said...

Ja, det er fantastisk at modtage de smukke og personlige kort, og sikke mange skønne kort du har fået...og selv tak ;)). Rigtig godt nytår til dig og din familie. Vi ses i det nye år :D

donna mikasa said...

Hi Sanne! Beautiful cards from beautiful friends! Love them all. Thank you for sharing!

Alice Wertz said...

thank you for sharing the beautiful cards you received, Sanne! i love them! =)

Suzanne C said...

Gorgeous set of Christmas cards!