Saturday, January 22, 2011

January CCC

Hi Guys!

Yes I´m still here........just having too little time to be creative these days. I´m busy at work and then I have joined a fittness club after 20 years with no exercise - that is hard work girls ;)

I´m soooo exceited - I´m leaving for the CHA Convention in Los Angeles next week - woooo hooooo! Looking forward to seeing some of you over there!

Today I will share the January CCC with you. The first card is the one I made for my Danish blog friend Rikke.

This beauty I received from Shelley in Canada :0)

Have a lovely day!
Hugs Sanne


Rikke said...

Igen mange tak for kortet Sanne

Sværten er sat på ønskelisten så jeg ikke glememr den :)

dit kort hænger flot på mit scrapværelse
rigtig RIGTOG go tud, glæder mig til at se billeder og høre om jeres tur

Karina Beck said...

Hej Sanne.
Det er et superflot kort, du har sendt til Rikke.
Convention i LA!!!!
Hvor lyder det spændende. Har du prøvet det før? Skal du derover med familien? Jeg ville så godt prøve sådan en tur engang!!
Køb nu rigeligt ; )
Knus Karina

CinnamonSally said...

Wow Wow Wow anne you lucky thing, going to the CHA how exciting. Hope to see lots of photos. Love bothe the cards , I missed the CCC this month, a little busy at present. Lots of deadlines to meet!!

Lin said...

Beautiful cards - those butterflies are lovely! Have a wonderful time at CHA, Sanne!

Virginia L. said...

Gorgeous creations, Sanne! Love them both! Wow!! You are going to CHA!!? I'm excited for you,too! HAve FUN!!

Barb said...

You are so lucky to be able to go to CHA, Sanne! What a fab time you'll have! Take lots of photos to share with the rest of us! Love your amazing card, sent to Rikke! And the one you received from Shelley is beautiful too!

Suzanne C said...

Beautiful card! Enjoy the show! Safe travels!

Dawn said...

both are so beautiful... I am so jealous you are going to CHA. Have fun.

Alice Wertz said...

wow! your card is gorgeous, Sanne! very pretty design! i wish i could be at CHA to meet you!! hope you have a safe and fabulous trip! =)