Friday, July 29, 2011

A view from my balcony.....

Hi Guys!

Monday I will start working again. Unfortunately we haven´t had as much sun this summer as I had been looking forward to. We had a lot of rain, and just before leaving for Sweden our basement was flooded with water. But time to relax and be with my family and friends - oh yes! Like last year it is so hard for me to be creative after this summer break. I have totally lost my mojo........but I´m sure it will come back - hopefully very soon as I have to come up with some ideas for Kreative Fornemmelser.

Thanks for stopping by!



Dawn said...

lovely view Sanne... I'm sure you take long to get the MOJO back. When it is summer it is hard... you want to be outside all the time. I take my colouring out onto the deck to do.

Anonymous said...

nice place you have there!
wish you a good start in the job again at monday!
And a lot of creative ideas!

Marja Rolfes said...

What a beautiful view Sanne!! Don't worry, you'll get your mojo back, in no time!!!!!
Dutch Tulip

Lin said...

I always have the same problem after a break; I'm sure you'll be creating again soon. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

I wish I was sitting on that balcony! The views just seem so romantic! Love that sunset, I miss those from South Africa! Don't worry too much about the mojo, that's just a state which too shall pass! Enjoy being back at work! I miss not working anymore, but I know that I should be thankful that I am able to have more time at home with my 5 year old daughter!

Pia said...

Det ser sørme godt ud - søde Sanne! Har man fået nyt bord? :)
Kom en tur til jylland så skal vi scrappe ? ;))

Alice Wertz said...

your have such a beautiful view! love the beautiful photo collage. thanks for sharing, Sanne. I know your mojo is always there and looking forward to seeing your work, soon! have a lovely weekend, my friend! =)

Karina Beck said...

Din lille Oase ser hyggelig ud!
Jeg krydser fingre for at din Moro kommer tilbage.

susanne said...

How pretty your balcony is with all of the flowers and a beautiful view! I would love to see more photos, I enjoy them so much!